Changing the name again

I keep changing flags, even though I live in the same land. This blog is now called Ztoryteller (Storyteller).

Formerly called CollegeCave and then Brainstory, I’ve finally settled on a name and theme for this blog that is sufficiently broad to serve as a reflection and sounding board of my professional and personal interests. Well, not all of my interests — I will continue to blog about spiritual matters at happygod.

Professionally, artistically, and personally, I will blog here as Ztoryteller. I hope to be observant and incisive, critical in thinking but inclusive at heart as we survey this whole scene of human stories, storytelling media, and authenticity.

This blog will also now integrate my personal videos, as well. I will soon be doing a series called “Papaw Rocks”, aimed at my own grandkids and their ilk. Fun with stories, and fun making up stories together. Thanks for reading and sharing and commenting on the stories I am telling with my words, movies, and photographs.

One of the advantages I’ve enjoyed professionally over the years has been my immersion in the contemporary youth culture as I endeavor to keep my college clients in touch with them through admissions marketing efforts. I’m happy to say that I’m more in touch today, as a middle-aged guy, than I ever was as a young man. Maybe I’m a better listener, or maybe my kids have taught me to appreciate the young for what they are, not just what they can be. Anyway, I hope to share my perspectives on how to communicate with authenticity to this specially important market niche: the tools, the methods, and how-tos on avoiding the gaffes that are so common when trying to be cool around those who define cool.

To consistently reach people with a message – what, so what, and why –Ztoryteller Evocation_w is like making lightning strike twice … a lot harder than bottling lightning bugs. My blog will hopefully serve to help me reflect on what has been working and what has not, and then share my musings with you. So if you’re into recruiting, or fundraising, or marketing or branding for any serious enterprise — college, non-profit, NGO, or B2B communication, I think you’ll find some useful ideas on these pages.

If you’re interested in my business website,, you can find it here. (That site is evolving too).

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