I love the human race!

So as a lark I read about wallabies eating poppies. And no, they don’t really make crop circles.  (thanks to @factlets)

But a comment about Australia supplying 50% of the legal opium market caught my eye.

Roxane Labs is one of my old clients, so I am somewhat familiar with the morphine pharmaceutical industry, and I suddenly thought, “Why can’t we buy our morphine poppies from Afghanistan?” So I googled it and sure enough someone else asked the exact same question in 2006 and 2007.

google search I did this morning

google search I did this morning

Alright, I’m gratified that someone else thought of it years before I did (even though for most of the last 8 years we’ve been poisoning Afghan land, putting Afghan farmers out of business, etc.)….

But then I looked down a little further and found Dvorak Uncensored passed on this tidbit just 3 days ago! Wow!

Huffington Post ran the same basic story.

It seems we’ve decided to offer assistance to change their crop, rather than destruction and poison for their land and livelihood. I don’t know what to believe on the medicinal supply and demand issue… but it’s neat that US policy is looking for a humane, constructive way out!

It is so fun to see good ideas percolate through the human race, and once and a while get incorporated into public policy! It’s so fun to see people around the world thinking together on solving problems that seem unsolvable! It’s so heartwarming to see it when people get smarter, think more creatively and humanely, and try to find “win-win” scenarios for each other.

And it’s really cool to feel like our new President and his policy establishment have their hearts in the right place!

Have a great Independence Day celebration!

(Addendum: The original article reference to Australian opium production might be untrue… the Wikipedia article cited above doesn’t even mention Australian production).


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