For once, sarcasm that builds a brand

Thanks to Erik Bergman at Waggener Edstrom for calling our attention to The Palace of Light, a clever video and social media site created to support the Post Shredded Wheat brand. A number of well-articulated characters combine to make the point that Shredded Wheat hasn’t changed since 1892 (except going spoon-sized in the 1960s). Very well done, with appropriately stylized sets and lighting, and excellent writing, acting, and direction.

For me the effort is an exception that proves my rule that sarcastic humor can do more harm than good to a brand, especially one that has a high value proposition. In this case, the humor fits perfectly, and actually reinforces the subtext, which is that in reality the brand is extending itself with new flavors and ingredients. Clearly they’re trying to reach a younger demographic… and I’d like to find out in a year or two if the strategy actually works.


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