Authentic process video

Just bought a T-shirt for a friend, and the site’s product “how we do it” video has a cool aroma of authenticity. Here the storytelling device is the POV of the shirt, from mind of customer to body of customer, and everything in between.

[I used this device for a Nestle production a few years back, shooting with a 16mm Bolex to get that in-your-face immediacy. In that case the audience was employees, not customers, and we were following ice cream novelties through production from flavor chemistry to the freezer, with the focus being all the people who make up the team. Similar technique, very different story line. With film, I had to do some lighting. With Spreadshirt’s camcorder, it’s all available light. And a lot easier to edit.]

Perhaps what’s most interesting about this web piece is that the video link is nowhere to be found until you have ordered. Then you are asked if you want to know what happens next.

Spreadshirt video link

Spreadshirt video link

It’s not sales, but CRM cleverly disguised as entertainment. They’re trying to give each customer a concrete idea of what happens between the moment we click and the moment we put it on.


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