Blast from the Past

Here’s one from the Ztoryteller archives.

This is an excerpt from a sales video I did for Glencoe McGraw-Hill. The product is Glencoe Accounting: Real-World Applications & Connections — a complete instructional system for high school business students. In order to humorously dramatize the “connections” to real-world experience, I wrote a script in which the spokesman disconnects into 2 personalities: a traditional, conservative accountant, and a creative alter ego. This fun, likeable guy becomes the spokesman for the product throughout the 10-minute video, then reconnects to the conservative accountant persona at the end. This excerpt shows the beginning and ending of the piece.

Sales videos are usually really deadly. This one got some life from the power of story — even a fanciful, humorous one. We give the audience a chance to fantasize themselves breaking away from a very dominant but boring curriculum which most of them have been stuck with for many years.

This video was very successful in helping Glencoe attain market share increases at the expense of a classroom product from another publisher. It was shot on green screen in my studio about 10 years ago, and edited by David Wilson. Chris Broyles delivered a terrific performance as the split-personality spokesman. The first segment required one complete, flawless take of the character on the left in order to provide a master shot that the other characters could be cut into.

I had fun writing this project, fun directing it, and fun dusting it off to share it with you here.


2 Responses

  1. good to see that sales doesn’t have to be boring

  2. Yep, we’ve got to earn people’s most priceless possession … their full attention.

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