Round-filing the remains of my days

Finally, disposing of the detritus of my first 10 years of business has become a priority. Hundreds of trays, 10s of thousands of 35mm photographs… Each photo part of an existential thought process on behalf of clients; each tray, the product of uncounted hours of animation camera work and multiple projector programming; each 1-inch video master the result of thousands of dollars of intensive “online suite” time. When i was doing that stuff i won 27 local addy awards and a handful of national honors. Hot stuff, distant memory, who cares? Not even me. But when I say it feels good to get rid of it and clean out our basement, I’m not saying it was a waste. It supported my family, taught me life lessons, brought employees and clients into my life that are still friends. Some of those jobs were answers to prayer. Others were trials of faith or tests of endurance, or stumbling blocks that exposed character flaws. In all work there is honor. Now as we chuckle at the “old technology”, hopefully it’ll give us perspective on the current hot technologies. In five years or one year, they’ll seem like primitive fads, too.

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