Flurry of tablet interest

Here’s an article pointed out by Cringely in today’s Infoworld.

Flurry Analytics see evidence of local Apple tablet testing.

Steve Jobs is quote as saying, “This is the most important thing I have ever done.”


Sports Illustrated etc. stoking iSlate rumors

You heard it here 697,423rd. Lots of talk about upcoming announcements, domain URLs that have been purchased, mysterious machines appearing, even a case last year of hari kari involving a Chinese person whose copy of a secret iPhone or tablet device was stolen.

I’ve been busy moving and starting up a new business, so I haven’t been either keeping up with the buzz or adding to it myself.

But today a couple of things crossed my desk… not quite fresh, but not stale yet either, which I’ll pass along just to prove that I WANT to be a blogger even if I haven’t been much of one for the last couple of months.

From my friend Todd Alexander comes the link to this from Time Inc… how Sports Illustrated would use such a device to combine print and video into a whole new medium that would effectively replace the magazine for many people:

Certainly this would be relevant to all the discussions last year about an economic model for the News Corps’ and Times’ of the world. The implications for both print and TV are huge.

And then here’s a Christmas weblog from TechnoBuffalo with a few plausible insights into what this device could be named and how it might work.

There are hundreds more where these come from…. including another post on TechnoBuffalo yesterday. It appears the market demand is getting stoked, the pundits are starting to weigh in, and it won’t be long before Kindle and its ilk will have another product to compete with it for market share in the high-tech distribution of print content.

Might be a good time to by Apple stock? Is this the Kindle-killer?

I’m now in Seattle for good

Ztoryteller is no longer just a blog moniker. It’s the name of my new corporation, a Washington-based LLC that will focus on telling stories for companies, colleges, humanitarian agencies … and anyone who has a story to tell and seeks help in refining the message and finding its audience.

For those of you who want to follow my personal reflections and the journey I took to get here, see my personal blog, now renamed New 2 Seattle sleuth, at ztoryteller.posterous.com

My business address is:

1100 Dexter Avenue North
Suite 100
Seattle, WA 98109